Oversized Front Door Handles

Oversized Front Door Handles

Jan 09, 2024

What Exactly are Oversized Front Door Handles?

The term itself is quite self-explanatory. Oversized front door handles are just that – handles for front doors that are larger than usual. Unlike standard door handles, these are typically designed to stretch from the top to the bottom of a door. There are different styles available, some spanning the entire door and others being significantly larger than standard handles but not covering the entire length.

Why Their Rising Popularity?

The increasing popularity of oversized front door handles is primarily due to their design. Their large size, regardless of shape, is seen as a mark of style. They blend seamlessly with modern doors, making them an ideal choice for those seeking a contemporary home aesthetic.

The impact of an oversized handle varies based on its material and the type of door it adorns. For instance, a wooden oversized handle on a wooden door enhances its aesthetic appeal, particularly if it's thick and long.

Conversely, a metal handle imparts an industrial vibe. Whether wood or metal, these handles can significantly enhance a door’s appearance, giving it a modern touch.

Their Use Beyond Front Doors These handles are not confined to front doors. They can also be applied to gate doors, enhancing both style and functionality. Adding an oversized handle to a plain gate door can elevate its aesthetic appeal, creating a visually striking entrance that’s both subtle and memorable.

Diverse Shapes and Designs Oversized door handles are celebrated for their varied designs. Commonly found in rectangular shapes, they are also available in disc, square, and long line shapes.

Disc-shaped handles are particularly in vogue for their simple yet captivating look. Matching the handle material with the door material can create an attractive contrast.

Final Thoughts Oversized front door handles are a trend that’s likely to grow in popularity. Their unique appearance and ability to complement even the simplest doors make them a standout architectural feature.