Cabinet and Door Edge Pull Trends

Cabinet and Door Edge Pull Trends

Jan 08, 2020

In the realm of contemporary cabinet design, rear-mounted "edge" or tab pulls are emerging as a significant trend in 2020. This article aims to elucidate their rising popularity and practical application in modern kitchen design, drawing inspiration from European minimalist aesthetics. Such designs are characterized by their functionality and sleek appearance, a concept now widely embraced in American kitchen cabinetry.

Elegance in Minimalist Door and Knob Designs
The essence of minimalist design is encapsulated in the adage "less is more." Kitchens designed in this vein feature uncluttered lines and smooth surfaces, eschewing intricate carvings or raised panels. The visual appeal lies in the geometric harmony of flat, rectangular doors and drawers, with diversity introduced through various materials such as natural wood, painted MDF, or resilient melamine surfaces.

Innovations in kitchen design have led to the elimination of visible hardware, utilizing notches or touch latches instead. However, the practical challenges of a bustling kitchen environment, where hands are often soiled with various cooking ingredients, necessitate a more pragmatic approach. This is the context in which edge pulls offer an optimal solution, blending functionality with aesthetic refinement.

Utility and Aesthetics of Kitchen Edge Pulls
Edge pulls are designed to fulfill dual functions: 1. Providing a metallic grip surface that prevents direct contact of messy hands with cabinet surfaces. 2. Their rear-mounted design ensures that only a minimal front edge is visible when the drawer or door is closed, often featuring a small, finger-graspable shape. This approach retains the minimalist aesthetic while introducing a subtle yet sophisticated design element to the cabinetry.

Benefits of Aluminum Edge Pulls
Our edge pulls are exclusively crafted from aluminum, chosen for its balance of lightweight strength and thin profile, essential for the minimal clearance between drawers and doors. Additionally, aluminum's recyclability aligns with eco-friendly practices.

Installation Process for Edge Pulls
Distinct in their installation, edge pulls are affixed solely to the rear of the drawer or door. This method eliminates the need for through-drilling, preserving the integrity of the cabinet surface for potential future hardware modifications.

Selection Between Long and Short Edge Pulls
The choice between long and short edge pulls is a matter of personal taste and practicality, influenced by the size of the drawer or door. Short edge pulls are generally deployed in pairs for wider drawers, facilitating a two-handed approach. In contrast, long edge pulls offer a striking visual statement and are typically centrally mounted for ease of use.

In conclusion, edge pulls are an integral component in modern kitchen design, offering a blend of practicality and sophisticated style. This guide is intended to shed light on the merits of edge pulls as a key finishing element in contemporary kitchens, particularly for those seeking a balance of elegance and functionality within a budget-conscious framework.


Exclusive Floor to Ceiling Edge Pulls

In addition to the standard offerings, our collection features an exclusive category: Floor to Ceiling Edge Pulls. This unique selection caters to those seeking an avant-garde and distinctive touch in their kitchen design.

Defining Characteristics of Floor to Ceiling Edge Pulls These pulls extend the concept of minimalism to new heights, quite literally. Spanning the entire length of the door or cabinet, they create a striking vertical line that draws the eye from floor to ceiling. This design choice not only enhances the visual height and openness of the space but also adds a sculptural element to the kitchen's overall aesthetic.


Practicality Meets Elegance Floor to Ceiling Edge Pulls are not just about visual appeal; they also offer practical benefits. Their elongated design provides easy accessibility, allowing the user to open a cabinet or drawer from any height, a feature particularly beneficial in designs catering to universal accessibility. Moreover, their substantial length makes them an ergonomic choice, reducing the need to bend or stretch to reach traditional handle heights.

Customization Options Understanding the unique nature of these pulls, we offer an array of customization options. Customers can choose from various finishes and materials to match or contrast with their cabinetry, enabling a seamless integration or a bold statement piece. Each pull is crafted with precision, ensuring it complements the specific dimensions and style of the individual kitchen.

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